1. 06.14.2018

    Greenhaven’s Scott Miller on Value Investing

    Scott Miller on Value Investing SumZero – June 14, 2018 Scott Miller is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Greenhaven Road Capital. Prior to founding Greenhaven Road, Miller founded an education company called Accelero that grew to 1000+ employees. Kevin Harris from SumZero sat down with Scott Miller to discuss Greenhaven Road Capital, small cap […] read more


  • Approach to Managers

    Investments are viewed as long-term relationships supported by a unique operating model

Stride makes 1-3 investments per year, focusing on exceptionally talented managers with deep experience in their area of expertise. Our process is largely self-selective with an aim to find like-minded managers who share our investment philosophy, values, and approach to partnership.


  • Stride invests long-duration, fee-paying capital.
  • Manager entrepreneurship and independence are considered sources of success and are emphasized in deal structure.
  • Extensive industry relationships can materially benefit business growth throughout the life of the partnership.
  • Stride contributes deep business expertise to facilitate world-class infrastructure and operations.
  • Deals employ a creative structure that anticipates shifting dynamics in the manager-seeder relationship.
  • Stride approaches seed investments and ongoing interactions fairly and directly as long-term partners.


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