1. 04.20.2018

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies Opalesque – April 20, 2018 Active management has always had a problem with diminishing returns at scale. Now one seed funding platform is actually telling managers that ‘assets are the enemy’. Delegates at the recent Opalesque Connecticut Roundtable argue that it’s more important for emerging managers to focus on performance. “I […] read more


  • Investment Opportunity

    Stride solves persistent industry challenges to unlock value for seed investors and managers

Stride invests in emerging areas of opportunity, not just emerging managers who replicate other strategies.

  • Managers are often overlooked early when return opportunities are greatest
  • Less obvious opportunities require greater due diligence, but offer higher returns and seed contributions from growth

Opportunities are best found with a persistent, disciplined process and dedicated resources.

  • Stride’s extensive pre-investment diligence and post-investment engagement complement the research activities of our clients and are solely focused on seed investments. Learn more about our Value for Investors
  • Families and institutions often find it challenging to commit commensurate resources and capital to emerging opportunities

Stride seed investments are designed to benefit all stakeholders.

  • Managers remain entrepreneurial and independent
  • Stride seed investors are rewarded for early involvement
  • All manager LPs benefit from Stride’s selection process and manager engagement

Stride’s approach is disrupting the traditional seeding model.

  • Quality investments prioritized over quantity
  • Fund performance prioritized over fund capacity
  • Win-win outcomes prioritized over seeder first