1. 02.27.2018

    Stride Capital Group Advances Investment in LRV Capital

    Stride Capital Group Advances Investment in LRV Capital BusinessWire – February 27, 2018 Following its original seed investment in LRV Capital Management, LLC (“LRV”), Stride Capital Group, LP (“Stride”) today announced the successful transition of the LRV team to Lazard Asset Management LLC (“LAM”). Stride’s capital and substantially all client assets previously managed by LRV […] read more


  • Emerging Opportunities

    Successful investment experience, benefits of entrepreneurship

The way capital is allocated to funds is inefficient: 89% of industry assets are managed by just 11% of hedge funds.¹

  • Differentiated managers encounter less competition and offer lower correlations.
  • Smaller / emerging firms have averaged +20% greater annual returns than larger firms.²


Stride focuses on emerging managers because they can be more agile and innovative than their larger, more bureaucratic competition. They can also enter more inefficient and less competitive markets since assets do not restrict the opportunities they pursue. For example:

  • Misunderstood and inefficient markets
  • Gaps in analyst training and fund mandates
  • Market dynamics that move prices for non-economic reasons
  • Structures or tools that create competitive advantages
  • Jump steps in research and understanding investor behavior
  • Evolving regulations
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(2) Barrons (2015), “How Small Hedge Funds Outperform Bigger Rivals.”