1. 01.02.2020

    Monterone and Stride Conclude Successful Partnership

    Monterone and Stride Conclude Successful Partnership Financial Times – January 21, 2020 Monterone Partners LLP (“Monterone”) and Stride Capital Group, LP (“Stride”) today announced that Monterone will buy back Stride’s revenue-share interest, as contemplated by their original agreement.  Following the buy-back, Monterone will have a 100% interest in firm revenue, and its management will continue to […] read more


  • Int’l Value Equity (LRV)

    Funded by Stride in April 2012


Stride seeded LRV Capital Management in 2012.  With the backing and ongoing support of Stride’s capital, the team and their track record officially transitioned to Lazard Asset Management’s International Value Equity group on January 31, 2018.

The team’s unique approach to international equities now also benefits from LAM’s research-based culture and institutional quality infrastructure.  As of December 31, 2017, LAM had $222 billion of assets under management, including approximately $54 billion in international equity strategies.

The team continues to run a value-based investment approach designed to identify and exploit company-specific inflection points in under-followed non-U.S. mid-cap equities.

International mid-caps have less coverage, most global funds are heavily invested in the U.S. and regional funds lack the flexibility to invest across geographies.

The team directs its research at mid-cap companies outside the U.S, across both developed and emerging markets.  This geographic flexibility enables the team to hunt where the most lucrative opportunities can be found, providing diversifying non-U.S. exposures that many capital allocators lack.  The team’s deep experience navigating local market tendencies and biases allows them to be early in names when other market participants have a differing view.

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