1. 01.02.2020

    Monterone and Stride Conclude Successful Partnership

    Monterone and Stride Conclude Successful Partnership Financial Times – January 21, 2020 Monterone Partners LLP (“Monterone”) and Stride Capital Group, LP (“Stride”) today announced that Monterone will buy back Stride’s revenue-share interest, as contemplated by their original agreement.  Following the buy-back, Monterone will have a 100% interest in firm revenue, and its management will continue to […] read more


  • Monterone Partners

    Funded by Stride in October 2016

monterone-logoMonterone is a London-based long-short European equity fund investing in durable, global franchises that encounter a temporary headwind.  The fund has a long bias and at times employs constructive activism.

Monterone invests in the highly fragmented European market, which is more inefficient than the U.S. given that most large fundamental, Europe-based funds are now global and closed to new capital, fund formation has prioritized liquid & low net strategies, and the start-up environment in Europe is much less active for cultural and regulatory reasons.

Monterone forms a nuanced view of industries and companies by conducting extraordinarily deep research that leverages local knowledge and industry relationships, including unique access to private businesses.  The team’s multicultural European heritage and fluency in the four main European languages enhance management engagement and increases the effectiveness of constructive activism when compared to similar efforts by non-Europeans.

Founder and Portfolio Manager Markus Taraba was previously a Managing Director at Davidson Kempner with prior roles at Citadel and Morgan Stanley Investment Banking, all in London.

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