1. 04.20.2018

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies Opalesque – April 20, 2018 Active management has always had a problem with diminishing returns at scale. Now one seed funding platform is actually telling managers that ‘assets are the enemy’. Delegates at the recent Opalesque Connecticut Roundtable argue that it’s more important for emerging managers to focus on performance. “I […] read more


  • North Elm Capital

    Funded by Stride in February 2015


North Elm engages in cross-capital structure research targeting equity and credit investments in companies undergoing balance sheet transformations.

A significant structural gap exists between debt and equity markets, created by differences in fund mandates, firm organization, and analyst training.  Equity investors often misunderstand the impact balance sheets can have on shareholder value, and credit investors often understand balance sheet implications but cannot invest in equities.

North Elm focuses its research on balance sheet transformations that equity markets are often ill-equipped to assess, particularly in their early stages.  North Elm uses cross-balance sheet research to identify long and short investments, most often in equities.  The result is a portfolio of names uncommon to other hedge funds.

Founder and Portfolio Manager David Rockwell has 15+ years of cross-capital structure investment experience as co-PM of Tiger-backed North Oak, with prior roles at King Street, General Atlantic, Blue Ridge, and Morgan Stanley M&A.

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