1. 06.14.2018

    Greenhaven’s Scott Miller on Value Investing

    Scott Miller on Value Investing SumZero – June 14, 2018 Scott Miller is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Greenhaven Road Capital. Prior to founding Greenhaven Road, Miller founded an education company called Accelero that grew to 1000+ employees. Kevin Harris from SumZero sat down with Scott Miller to discuss Greenhaven Road Capital, small cap […] read more


  • VIEX Capital

    Funded by Stride in May 2014

VIEX engages in an activist strategy, creating catalysts to unlock shareholder value in small cap companies, predominantly in technology.

Most successful activists have moved up-market to focus on larger caps.  Increased competition has diminished returns and directed time and energy on more well-equipped companies to resist change.  Passive capital flows from ETFs, quants and high frequency traders have created a greater disparity in company mispricings

VIEX focuses on the small cap landscape where there is also less competition and a greater willingness to accept strategic alternatives.  Extensive domain experience informs a focus on technology companies with undervalued or under-performing assets and strong balance sheets amid a landscape of capital mismanagement and frequent industry consolidation. Self-directed outcomes can overcome the growing influence of passive capital flows.

Founder and Portfolio manager Eric Singer brings decades of intensive investment research and successful M&A transaction experience.  He has directly held nine board seats in his career in addition to making numerous successful Board placements and building a record of winning proxy battles.

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