1. 06.14.2018

    Greenhaven’s Scott Miller on Value Investing

    Scott Miller on Value Investing SumZero – June 14, 2018 Scott Miller is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Greenhaven Road Capital. Prior to founding Greenhaven Road, Miller founded an education company called Accelero that grew to 1000+ employees. Kevin Harris from SumZero sat down with Scott Miller to discuss Greenhaven Road Capital, small cap […] read more


  • Value for Investors

    Stride's rigorous focus and ongoing engagement unlock value from seed investments

Stride solves the time, capital, and internal constraints that prevent many investors from pursuing emerging opportunities.

Stride’s intensive diligence and engagement reduce risk and unlock value in early-stage investments. Learn more.


Investors benefit from three sources of returns:

  • Emerging areas (likelihood of outperformance)
  • Revenue-Sharing Annuities
  • PE-like realizations


Other investor benefits include:

INNOVATIVE DEAL STRUCTURE & TERMS utilize conservative underwriting, a creative fund structure, and active oversight to provide high return opportunities with capital protections for investors.

RIGOROUS SOURCING & DILIGENCE identifies agile managers whose distinct strategies have in proven to work, making it possible to outperform their peers and benchmarks.

OPERATIONAL EXPERTISE reduces business risk and enhances managers’ ability to run a stable, independent firm and execute their investment strategy more effectively.

SUPPLEMENTAL RISK ANALYTICS actively monitor portfolio risk and style consistency, while expanding a manager’s investment capabilities.