1. 02.02.2018

    Lazard Asset Management Hires LRV, International Equity Value Team

    Lazard Asset Management Hires International Equity Value Team, Expands International Equity Platform with New Unconstrained, Concentrated Value Strategies BusinessWire – February 2, 2017 Lazard Asset Management LLC (LAM) today announced the expansion of its international equity platform with the addition of a new team. Based in New York, Mark Rooney, Erik Van Der Sande, Craig Lottner […] read more


  • Value for Investors

    Stride has a rigorous approach to unlock value from
    seed investments

Many families and institutions would like to dedicate more resources and capital to uncover emerging opportunities, but are hindered by constraints on time, capital, and mandate.  Stride perpetually dedicates time and resources solely to this effort, complementing the core investment activities of our clients.

Stride’s investments prioritize differentiated strategies with competitive advantages in unique areas of the market that have tailwinds for outperformance. Deep partnerships are formed with manager investment teams to create business excellence and stability. Value is unlocked by compounding capital in differentiated strategies and gaining valuable contributions from seed economics.

Stride investors have three ways to win:

  • Underlying manager performance with seed economics
  • Higher seed contribution from asset growth
  • Higher seed contribution from fund outperformance


Emerging Opportunities + Revenue-Sharing Annuities + PE-like Realizations + Special Capacity Rights +Add-on Investment Opportunities


SEED ECONOMICS create significantly higher return potential than direct investments due to contributions from revenue sharing and buyouts.

CREATIVELY STRUCTURED DEALS utilize conservative underwriting, a creative fund structure, and active oversight to provide high return opportunities with capital protections for investors.

RIGOROUS SOURCING & DILIGENCE identifies agile managers whose distinct strategies are grounded in proven fundamentals, allowing them to outperform their peers and benchmarks.

OPERATIONAL EXPERTISE reduces business risk and enhances managers’ ability to run a stable, independent firm and execute their investment strategy more effectively.

SUPPLEMENTAL RISK ANALYTICS actively monitor portfolio risk and style consistency, and can also expand a manager’s investment capabilities.