1. 12.15.2017

    Monterone Partners Wins European Emerging Manager of the Year & Best European Equity Hedge Emerging Manager

    2017 European Single Manager and European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards Winners Hedge Funds Review European Performance Awards 2017 Emerging Manager Performance Awards   Emerging Manager of the Year: Monterone Partners (Monterone Partners Long Short Fund) Best Equity Hedge Emerging Manager: Monterone Partners (Monterone Partners Long Short Fund)   The judging panel, chaired by awards […] read more


  • Capital Protections

    Business stability and operational excellence are key underpinnings to investment performance

Pre-Investment Diligence Post-Investment Diligence
6-9 months of intensive qualitative and quantitative research before investment Daily position-level transparency with risk guidelines that prevent style drift
Historical performance assessed through a robust analytical systems Operational oversight and engagement, strategic and advisory contributions
Negotiations used as valuable character screen Down and out provisions; bad actor provisions
A focus on sustainable market inefficiencies and sensible risk management Manager resources supported as needed, particularly during intensive build-out phase