1. 04.20.2018

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies Opalesque – April 20, 2018 Active management has always had a problem with diminishing returns at scale. Now one seed funding platform is actually telling managers that ‘assets are the enemy’. Delegates at the recent Opalesque Connecticut Roundtable argue that it’s more important for emerging managers to focus on performance. “I […] read more


  • Flexible Structure

    More flexibility and control than Private Equity or
    Funds of Funds

Comparisons of Investment Stride Capital Private Equity/ Venture Capital* Funds of Funds*
Returns from Ownership Y Y N
Receipt of Ownership Profits Quarterly, Throughout Investment One-time, After Realizations None to Receive
Assets Marked to Market Y N Y
Liquidity of Underlying Assets Generally Liquid Highly Illiquid Generally Liquid
Initial Lock-Up 3-5 Years 7 Years Less than 1 year
Additional Multi-Year Lock-ups Possible N Y N


Note: The above table reflects typical investment structures. However, there are many variations within each of these types of investment programs and vehicles (Seeding, Funds of Funds, Private Equity) including hybrid approaches to the structure(s).