1. 01.02.2020

    Monterone and Stride Conclude Successful Partnership

    Monterone and Stride Conclude Successful Partnership Financial Times – January 21, 2020 Monterone Partners LLP (“Monterone”) and Stride Capital Group, LP (“Stride”) today announced that Monterone will buy back Stride’s revenue-share interest, as contemplated by their original agreement.  Following the buy-back, Monterone will have a 100% interest in firm revenue, and its management will continue to […] read more


  • Investment Opportunity

    Stride is disrupting traditional approaches to seeding and unlocking value for investors and managers

Industry Challenges:

  • The way capital is allocated to funds is inefficient
  • Mainstream market opportunities are crowded and competitive, offering lower return expectations
  • Investors’ ability to access emerging opportunities is often limited by capital, resource, and portfolio constraints
  • Exceptionally qualified managers with compelling strategies but shorter track records can struggle to gain a critical mass of capital



  • Reduce resource and capital constraints that often prevent investors from accessing emerging investment opportunities
  • Focus on differentiated strategies – not just new managers who replicate past mainstream success – with a willingness to look at specialist and capacity constrained funds
  • Reduce risks through extensive pre-investment due diligence and investment engagement
  • Bring innovative and viable new managers to market


Stride seed investments are designed to benefit all stakeholders.

  • Managers remain entrepreneurial and independent
  • Stride seed investors are rewarded for early involvement
  • All manager LPs benefit from Stride’s selection process and manager engagement