1. 03.05.2014

    OFA: JOBS Act could lead to greater hedge fund use of social media

    OFA: JOBS Act could lead to greater hedge fund use of social media By COO Connect   Social media could become a major part of hedge funds’ marketing strategies following the successful passage of the JOBS Act. “The JOBS Act provides great opportunities for marketing. I really do believe that hedge funds are going to […] read more



    Hedge Fund Seeding

  • STRIDE (n.): /strīd/

    1. (1) Peak, consistent performance
    2. (2) A jazz style featuring individual talent

Ownership Returns from Liquid Investments

Stride Capital is an independent boutique focused solely on building the next generation of leading investment partnerships. Stride takes an institutional approach to seed investing in order to emphasize manager investment performance, structure deals that reduce risk, and create opportunities for outsized returns.

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Stride investors are families and institutions that seek sources of outsized returns with asymmetric upside and find Stride’s full, institutional commitment to seed investing a risk-reducing complement to emerging manager activities.

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Stride partners with seasoned,
entrepreneurial investment teams running differentiated strategies by investing long-duration capital and contributing
business expertise to build
world-class firms.

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