1. 04.20.2018

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies

    Seeders Embrace Capacity-Constrained Strategies Opalesque – April 20, 2018 Active management has always had a problem with diminishing returns at scale. Now one seed funding platform is actually telling managers that ‘assets are the enemy’. Delegates at the recent Opalesque Connecticut Roundtable argue that it’s more important for emerging managers to focus on performance. “I […] read more


  • Team

    Deep investment and business-building experience

Stride’s team brings decades of investment, operations, and business expertise. Our resources and time are intensely directed at our mission to build world-class investment partnerships. As a boutique firm, we have few distractions, and utilize our structure in ways that many of our mega-institutional competitors cannot.

Don Rogers -- Founder and Managing Partner
Eric Hoerdemann, CFA -- Partner, Chief of Research and Risk
Mark J. Rubin, Esq. -- Partner, Chief of Finance and Operations
Craig Millikin, CFA -- Managing Director
Allyson Manning -- Director
Andrew Jaffoni -- Analyst